Pipefitter / Plumber

Pipefitter / Plumber

Responsible for reading & interpreting construction blueprints, isometric drawings, and sketches.

Performs work tasks to plumbing & fire codes and industry standard trade practices while determining and laying-out pipe runs, equipment, and accessories from blueprints.

Installs drain & vent lines, domestic water piping, chilled & hot water supply & return lines, steam/condensate piping, compressed air, hydraulic & fuel oil piping, exotic gas lines, fire protection piping, waste treatment piping systems, and pipe support hangers & brackets.

Utilizes piping math to determine correct pipe run offsets; installs and maintains valves, meters, gauges, and any manner of piping system; and installs and water-seal tests sanitary plumbing fixtures such as wall mounted toilets, urinals, & lavatory sinks, floor mounted water closets, janitor & floor sinks, wash basins, kitchen & counter-top sinks, and drinking fountains.

Performs functional system testing at completion of maintenance repair to specified pressures.
Uses all types of piping materials & grades such as DWV & pressure wrot copper, black iron, ABS & PVC plastic, welded, stainless steel, and galvanized piping.

Determines correct pipe sizing, pipe type, total line quantity, pipe fittings, and other materials necessary for construction or maintenance work when this information is not furnished, by considering such factors as pressure, volume, gradient and substance being piped. Makes the proper fluid-tight pipe connections.

Installs, maintains, and troubleshoots steam and gas fired equipment. Takes corrective action on clogged main & branch sewer lines, including equipment that does not respond to traditional troubleshooting methods.

Directs and instructs several lower graded employees in related work activities. May instruct
and/or demonstrate methods of work to other employees on related work assignments as
required in areas of proficiency to safely complete tasks.

Basic Qualifications

  • Maintenance work experience in the plumbing & pipefitting trade disciplines
  • Graduate of a certified plumbing or pipefitting apprenticeship program or equivalent training program
  • Ability to perform service at a Commercial/Industrial Facility
  • Must be able to obtain and maintain a government securtiy clearance if hired as condition of employment
  • Must be able to work overtime and shifts in accordance with the collective bargaining agreement

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