MIG / TIG Welder

Main tasks:

  • Qualify per welding procedure and maintain qualifications for various types of weld joints, materials and fillers required for tube welds including dissimilar materials. All tube welders shall be qualified in accordance with ASME Section IX
  • Assists to cross train other employees
  • Fits and welds assemblies using jigs and fixtures
  • Follow all safe work practices and policies
  • Verifies quality of work and signs off on quality checklists where required
  • Required Credentials:
  • 2 years welding technical school or equivalent
  • Must be skilled in all facets of TIG, MIG and stick welding
  • Proficient at TIG welding including pipe welding
  • Knowledge and ability to heat, form and straighten metal parts to restore alignment from distortion
  • Ability to use precision measuring equipment to inspect dimensions and angles including calipers, micrometers, protractor and other precision measuring devices
  • Ability to identify any faults in operating equipment or in relation to materials.
  • Ability to control the fitting and welding process to avoid problems in relation to excessive distortion, expansion or shrinkage of welded parts
  • Ability to produce 100% penetration welds that a radiograph acceptable
  • Ability to set up and operate semi-auto welding equipment
  • Ability to fit up pipe/tube sections, flanges and nozzles and nozzle fabrications with accuracy
  • Ability to select and set up welding equipment
  • Ability to ensure welds meet standards and specifications
  • Proficient at MIG welding
  • Ability to use cutting equipment effectively and efficiently
  • Ability to read and understand drawings including weld symbols
  • Proficient at grinding, filing, sanding and deburring completed parts

To apply for this job email your details to recruitment@boskainternational.com